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In addition to opera, musical theatre, church and concert engagements, Melanie is available to sing at weddings, funerals and other events! She works with her clients to choose repertoire suitable for any occasion. Please contact her for details on availability and rates.



Melanie is a natural teacher and has been sharing her passion for music with children and adults since she was 15. In the past she has tutored Math, Computer Science, Italian, and French and she has designed and taught IT courses in the Government. In addition to her private education with music, she has completed several Masters of Education courses focused on workplace and adult learning.

Her teaching style is flexible and the material she covers is adaptable to the needs and background of her students. WIth children, she focuses on providing music fundamentals in a fun and nurturing environment. With her voice students, she draws on her own experience from performing and the knowledge she has acquired from her teachers and coaches, in addition to her work with the Alexander Technique. She focuses on tone production, musicality, phrasing, diction, support, natural singing, breathing, acting, and performance psychology, among other things.

Melanie is not currently teaching due to other commitments, however she is happy to provide teacher recommendations upon request. 



"I couldn't ask for a better music instructor than Melanie. She's patient, laid back and flexible with my schedule. I've grown tremendously in my singing since working with her. She helps me grow beyond my weekly lessons with her by giving me books to read, work sheets, and warmups to practice on my own time. She's a very caring , energetic, and helpful teacher and I'm so happy to have her as my teacher." - Karen M.

"Melanie is the best teacher I've ever had. She adapts her teaching style to fit my style of learning. She is supportive and I always enjoy going to my lessons. I would recommend her to any singer looking to expand their skill set." - Kelly T.

"I have been working with Melanie since February 2016 and am so grateful to have her for my instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable about voice and I have learned so much in such a short time. I always look forward to my lessons and have grown so much in my singing and as a person; I am re-inspired with music and singing as a result of working with her. I started working with Melanie because I wanted to get the most out of the beautiful instrument that God gave me and it's working, she has me singing in areas that I didn't think possible. If you are looking for a vocal coach/instructor I can't say enough about Melanie; I highly recommend her!!" - Sandy B. 

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